Only 4 Bolts: Classic VW Commercial

If only it were as easy as the commercial states.  I’m not sure I looked that relaxed when I finally finished dropping my engines…


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Low and Slow: A Beetle Film

Spotlight film on the Classic VW Beetle.

A lot of you have let me know that you’ve really liked the video links lately, so I’m stepping it up with one of my favorite Beetle videos.  I could have this on a loop all day.  Stephen Brooks has a great rep for automotive films with great audio and action.  He takes the classic Beetle to the next stage in this high-quality video:

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VW Beetle Movie Moments

Top VW Beetle Scenes in the Movies

VW Beetle movies

Beetles in the Movies

This list starts with he premise that everyone knows about Herbie and as seen at least one of Herbie movies. This list does NOT contain Herbie. This list is about the most underrated car in US Cinema. While other “muscle cars” seem to get all of the attention, we’re going to redirect the spotlight back to the best selling car in history and its place in the movies!

What’s Up, Doc? (1972)

Beautiful blue beetle car chase – in San Franciso (which seems to be a theme). Earlier in the car chase, a VW bus takes a beating.  At 1:05, they hide in a shipment of all new VW’s. Unfortunately, the ending of this scene is not included, which is after all of the cars crash into the bay, only the VW is floating – with our main characters safe and dry. Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’neil star in this classic.


Bullitt (1968)

The Green VW in Bullitt is the real star. Somehow, this little green volkswagon keeps up with the Charger and the Mustang throughout the chase. There must be some incredible engine in that thing!


The Delta Factor (1970)

Who will win when a Ford Mustang is chasing a VW Beetle and the Ford Mustang?!?


Death Race 2000 (1975)

While not technically a VW Beetle, the car is a mod from the chassis of a classic air-cooled VW. Maxim magazine calls Death Race 2000 the best B Movies of all time. If you don’t know anything about it – it’s a non-stop kill-fest with cars where drivers get points for hitting people.   How did they make this move???    Yup, standard B-movie fare . . .

By the way, it stars Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine!

Here is the original car in the Mid-America Motorworks Automotive Museum:

Deathrace 2000 car

Frankenstein’s car from Deathrace 2000


Double Trouble (1967)

While not one considered one of Elvis’ best movies, this one has him stealing a police car – which is a VW Beetle.  This movie has the distinction of having the only ‘Beetle v Beetle’ car chase that I could find.

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VW Beetle – The Car’s the Star

History of the VW Beetle

A classic BBC documentary about the history and development of the VW Beetle. The “improbable” car that shouldn’t have lasted created a spark within hundreds of thousands of people and became the most popular car in the world.

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Now this is a Limo!

This is what I call a limousine! It’s about time they build a stretch qwith the right materials. Forget about the Hummers, Escalades and all of those other makes – use the original VW Bus!

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