About the Author

About the Author
My name is Matt, and I started this website as a hobby. In my professional life, I work for an Internet Marketing company. Everyday, I consult with companies about their online marketing strategies. So, it made sense to create a blog that would chronicle the joys and frustrations of restoring a Classic VW Beetle.

Why the VW Beetle?
A lot of people have asked me that, especially those that I live near, who all seem to be Chevy enthusiasts. But, ask around sometime, and you’ll find that a good majority of people owned a VW beetle at one time, (either them or their parents) and have mostly fond memories of driving around in it. Fond memories unless you lived in a colder climate. . .

Well, I had many good memories, at least. The late father of one of my childhood friends was blind at back in the 1970’s, but he was able to pull a VW engine, totally break it down and re-assemble and re-install it, all by touch. I remember the local paper did an article on him and how proud his son, my friend, was of that article.

Now as I have made my living in the tech industry, I look around and feel that a bit of American culture has been lost to video games, PC’s, the Internet, or whatever the latest techno-gadget. Gone are the garages where there was at least one car being restored or worked on as a hobby. I guess I feel as though I don’t create anything with my hands because I sit behind a laptop screen all day.

So, this is my story. I hope it ends well.

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  1. Cynthia Williamson says:

    i want to buy a vintage bug but my husband is concerned about the seat belts. when i called a vintage vw shop to ask about installing seatbelts, they said it cant be done. I really want a bug. and have not bought it yet. what should i be looking for.?

  2. Francisco Claudio says:

    I’m looking for a 1974 VW beetle front bumper preferable OEM german. Could be used but not rusty.

  3. Matt:
    I attended the 2011 funfest in Effingham. My car is the 73 VW Beetle (15th picture down) decked out like a taxi cab. Thanks for putting the picture on your website. I’m going to save it in my favorites.

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