Aircooled renovation – Re-wiring the Beetle

Aircooled – heh, it’s 90 degrees. I’ve considered placing the window air conditioner in the garage while we work on this project. The work lights alone put off an immense amount of heat while working under the hood. Blech!

Two projects are in play:
1. Replace the wiring harness
2. Upgrade the bug from 6 volt to 12 volt

and yes, i should have done this in the winter . . .

Old VW beetle wiring

Someone asked me why I am wasting my time with the harness, as it is a tough job. well, i got the answer as I was pulling the wires under the hood. there are more splices than wires, some of the insulation broke off in my hands, and some of the insulation was just melted to other wires. Not a lot of stuff to keep you confident. No wonder i got stranded a couple of times when the bug wouldn’t start.vw beetle underhood, no wiring

Now that the wires are cleaned out – it looks much better. I also ordered a wire cover for when this is all done. The new wires look and have that great new plastic smell! I purchased all new lines and connectors from MidAmerica Motorworks.

Getting the trunk line through the chassis wasn’t too bad. I did end up ripping part of the headliner in order to get access to the channel. Fortunately, I plan on replacing the headliner with a newer, different color headliner when this project is completed.

Yeah – the original cardboard glove box. I think this is getting replaced, as it is kind of moldy on the inside. old vw beetle cardboard glovebox

The hard part is removing the steering wheel. I need to buy another wrench, as my set stops at 20mm. Crud.

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