Drive Your VW to Work Day! Friday, June 22

Yes, the annual tradition of Driving your VW to Work Day!

How did this tradition start? Well, from my friends at MidAmerica Motorworks, June 22 1934 is the day that the development contract was signed.

So, hopefully your VW is ready to go and turns more than a few heads on the way to work. I always like seeing the smiles, thumbs up and excitement when people see a VW on the road. It’s a happy car, and let’s continue this happy tradition!

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VW Beetle Art

What a great gift! One of my office team found this in an art gallery in Boulder, Colorado. It’s going to make a great addition to out office decor.
It uses a VW Beetle door – and the dog makes a great completion to the piece.

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The VW Beetle Christmas Shopping Guide

For the VW fan on your list, here is some of the best finds in the cyberworld that will make their Christmas!

Volkswagen Beetle gifts

The VW Bus Tent:

A 4-person VW Camper van tent! Show your love of the VW Van, even while camping without the van.
VW Camper Van Tent
…found at

VW Bus Hand Warmers

Just in time for skiiing and cold-weather fun! Show your pride of the VW tradition with these VW bus hand-warmers!

…found at

Haynes Manual VW Beetle keychain

Now, this is special! Not just any keychain, but a VW Beetle with a cut-away view of the inner structure – right out of the Haynes Manual. What a great gift, and a perfect keychain for the VW Beetle enthusiast!

…found at The Gift and Gadget Store

VW Beetle USB Drive

If your VW aficionado is also a techie, than nothing will say “store this” better than using the USB VW Beetle for storing your digital media.

…found at GadgetBox

LEGO VW Camper Van

If building is your style, and you are a fan of the LEGO sets, then build your own VW Camper Van with this lego kit! LEGO once offered the VW Beetle, but this year brings us the VW bus! May next year will bring the LEGO VW Thing?

…found at LEGO

Build your own VW Beetle

Ok, I know, you probably are doing this already – but in real size. Here;’s your chance for a simpler project that can get done faster! The best thing is, this one can site on your desk or display when finished. Assemble it yourself, paint it your preference and show your friends!

…found at Getting Personal

VW Beetle Cufflinks

If you can get your VW fan out from under the car, cleaned up and in a proper suit, then he’ll need some VW-inspired cufflinks to complete the look. Fortunately, there are cufflinks for both the VW bus and the VW Beetle fans on your list!

VW Beetle Cufflinks>

…found at Cuff Crazy

VW Camper Bus Cufflinks

…found at Cuff Daddy

Have a Great Holiday!!

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VW Buses – MidAmerica Motorworks Funfest 2011

After working with my VW Beetle sedan for over 5 years now, I am really started to be attracted to the VW buses. Specifically the safari bus. While the campers are alright in my book (and some of the campers at this years’ FunFest were amazing). I keep being drawn to the multi-window bus. and someday – maybe the 23-window bus….

The Classic Volkswagen bus:


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VW FunFest at MidAmerica Motorworks, June 2011

VW FunFest at MidAmerica Motorworks

Another Funfest at MidAmerica Motorworks, and this one didn’t disappoint! If you are ever even close to Illinois, and you have ever been curious about attending a FunFest – do it! Each year this event gets bigger and more impressive. Mike and the staff at MidAmerica Motorworks go all out to provide a quality experience for anyone attending.

But you don’t want to read – here are some pictures of Classic VW Beetle sedans:

pink vw beetle

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